Since 1989, Phillip W. Sutherland, now appointed to the judiciary (the Hon. Justice Phillip W. Sutherland), had been dedicated to providing strategic and practical litigation advice to clientele in the areas of Civil Litigation, Construction Law and Family Law. Phillip Sutherland was a respected member of the profession and distinguished amongst his colleagues and peers. Subsequently, His Honour and Rob Moubarak formed a partnership, establishing the firm of Sutherland Law. Sutherland Law continued to successfully grow, while adding various members to the firm, and servicing its vast array of clientele in the areas of Civil Litigation, Construction Law and Family Law. At the time of deciding to start Sutherland Law the partners found that there was a need for a reputable and experienced law firm in the Vaughan area and surrounding region to service a growing demand for quality and cost effective litigation needs of businesses and individuals. Sutherland Law was pleased and proud of Phillip W. Sutherland after he was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in 2014, and has since sought to continue the growth of the firm in the same tradition and with the same vision and ideals long established by his Honour.

Sutherland Law has always been committed to providing efficient legal advice, client satisfaction and cost- effective services. We have the skills and experience to position a case for success, enhance the prospect of a favorable resolution – and achieve positive results. The core of our practice is litigation including: family, construction and commercial litigation. If necessary we will go to trial. However, we are aware of the cost of trial so our legal team will work diligently to resolve disputes expeditiously with successful outcomes for our clients.


Our legal team critically analyzes each case and employs creative strategies to provide practical, cost effective, and swift resolutions to the issues presented. Our goal is to bring order and resolve our client’s complex legal issues. Our goal is to meet and exceed our client’s objectives by creating and utilizing unique solutions. Sutherland’s team of dedicated lawyers is imaginative with a strong sense of practicality and integrity and most importantly dedicated to the best interests of our clients.


Our success is defined by how many positive outcomes we achieve for our clients. The strength in our firm lies in its team of experienced lawyers who view success not in monetary terms but by the levels of positive outcomes in achieving our client’s goals. We value our clients and if there is no resolution you can be assured that we will present issues to court, seeking for the best possible outcomes.