Child Support Lawyer in Vaughan

Divorce is tough no matter what the circumstances are, but it can be even more challenging to navigate the legal, emotional, and financial process of it when you have dependents relying on you, especially children. In addition to trying to recuperate and pick up the pieces of your personal life, you’re also responsible for ensuring the well-being of your children and facilitating a seamless adjustment for them. Determining the terms of your child support agreement with your former spouse can be challenging, but Sutherland Law is ready to help you navigate through those murky waters.

What Is Child Support?

One parent is usually the primary caregiver, whereas the other parent is the secondary caregiver. Traditionally, these roles were played by the mother and father, respectively. Since the mother was considered the nurturer in the relationship, she was usually awarded custody of the children in divorce proceedings. But as relationship norms and family dynamics continue to evolve, the laws governing custody and child support proceedings and payments must do the same.

Since the children typically live with the primary caregiver, they’re the one who spends the most time with them and also incurs the higher daily expenses associated with parenting. Therefore, the secondary caregiver is responsible for paying child support to supplement those expenses.

Who Pays Child Support?

The secondary parent is usually responsible for paying child support because the children don’t live with them full-time. However, more and more divorce settlements are stipulating that children spend equal time living with both parents. That means that the parent with a substantially higher income, regardless of gender, is usually legally liable for paying child support, which can cover the cost of clothing, food, shelter, school supplies, travel expenses, extracurricular activities, recreational activities, and so forth.

How Is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

Child support calculations vary on a case by case basis. The monetary sum of child support is usually determined based on the income of the parent who’s responsible for paying it combined with the amount of time they typically spend with the child. Child support payments are subject to recalculation from time to time if the payer’s income increases, decreases, or if they become unemployed. Another factor that influences the amount of child support to be paid is the mental and physical capacity of the child. Special needs children require more intricate care and are often enrolled in specific services and programs.

Who Adjudicates Child Support Proceedings?

There are a number of options when it comes to adjudicating child support proceedings. Sometimes, child support payment agreements can be sorted out in cases of uncontested divorces, which entail that both parties agree on the terms of the separation, by the parents themselves. If the couple needs assistance in stamping out the legal stipulations of their child support payments, they can also hire a joint child support lawyer in Vaughan to help draw up a legally binding and mutually agreed upon contract complete with a payment schedule.

In contested divorce cases where the couple is having a difficult time finding common grounds of their own accord, they should each hire their own child support lawyer to appear on their behalf either in a court of law or in mediation.

Hiring a Child Support Lawyer in Vaughan

Sutherland Law has a team of trusted and experienced child support attorneys in Vaughan who are ready and willing to help you and your former spouse or partner settle your case. We’ve helped numerous parents achieve their legal objectives and we can help you too. Contact us today to learn more.