Our clients have complete assurance in our experience and expertise as their legal counsel, so that they can remain calm and focused on the business of their company.

Our legal team understands the legal issues and business implications of each company’s case and provides effective and sound legal advice. We have resolved legal issues in a variety of actions.

Our legal team represents a wide range of commercial matters and business disputes. Sutherland Law provides experienced counsel and representation tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of our clients.

We represent business clients from a variety of industries in general business disputes and commercial claims, including:

Sutherland Law helps individuals to set effective practices in place to reduce future problems and protect both their short- and long-term interests. If you are in a dispute against a partner, contractor, vendor, or customer, our legal team will assure that your specific needs are met. Wherever possible, we utilize effective solutions through assertive negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. However, we are always prepared to defend our clients' interests in litigation successfully according to the clients’ needs.


At Sutherland Law, we assist individuals, small companies, and large institutions in all debt-collection matters. Sutherland Law’s established debt-collection team consists of highly skilled lawyers, clerks, and assistants. Our team knows the best steps to secure repayment, including negotiated payment plans and court action.

Unfortunately, obtaining judgment is often not the end of litigation. Debtors may not abide by a court order, requiring creditors to employ various debt-collection mechanisms. We will help you employ the most cost-effective mechanisms necessary to force debtors to pay.

Sutherland Law can provide you with the best legal services possible to get you the money you deserve, including:

Our expertise in the area of Civil Law includes:

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Breaches of contract occur every day. Individuals, as well as companies, frequently enter into contracts. You may have had a contract with a friend for a loan, for instance, in order to renovate your home, and feel that your friend or another party is not fulfilling their obligations.

Our teams of experienced lawyers are often called upon to assist parties in resolving conflicts that arise from contractual disputes. Our main goal is to help our clients understand their rights within the confines of the law. Our objective is to interpret and act on each and every issue of the contract and attain the most favourable outcome for you.


Sutherland Law resolves a variety of issues arising from commercial leases and commercial landlord/tenant disputes. We provide insightful guidance to commercial landlords in creating effective leases, as well as assist with enforcing a commercial lease agreement or in eviction proceedings. The laws governing eviction of commercial tenants are complex and require strict adherence. This includes counsel on the landlord's rights to seize tenant property for nonpayment, the eviction process, and acting on personal guarantee issues.


Are you contemplating bankruptcy or in business dealings with an insolvent organization? We have solutions, creditors' remedies, re-negotiations, as well as an in-depth understanding of proceedings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

We assist small companies and large institutions in all matters concerning debt collection. Our team utilizes effective steps to seek payment, including court action where necessary. If a business owner is in debt, we can help negotiate a payout plan that will allow that business to remain operational.