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Workplace disputes are complex matters that can sometimes arise unexpectedly and even without precedent. Whether you’re an employer mitigating a dispute between two of your employees or an employee who has been wrongfully terminated, mistreated, or harassed in any way, it’s important that you know you have legal rights under The Employment Standards Act of Ontario. If you require the services of a distinguished labour and employment law firm in Toronto or the GTA, the experienced legal team at Sutherland Law is prepared to take on your case.

What Is Labour and Employment Law in Ontario?

Before we get into dissecting The Employment Standards Act of Ontario, it’s important to explain the difference between labour law and employment law. Labour law primarily focuses on the rights of labour groups such as employees that are governed by union guidelines. Employment law, on the other hand, focuses on individual employment contracts and rights.

The Employment Standards Act of Ontario outlines the minimum obligations Ontario employers and employees must abide by in order to create and maintain an acceptable and cohesive working environment. These standards govern benefits packages, limits on hours of work, minimum wage, salary caps, sick and bereavement day delineations, sexual misconduct regulations, and so much more. All employers are obligated by law to provide their employees with a copy of The Employment Standards Act to ensure that employees are fully aware of their legal rights.

Our Areas of Practice

Sutherland Law is a labour law firm that handles all kinds of employment-related issues including the following:

Sutherland Law has built a strong reputation by representing management-side clients of all sizes from small businesses to large enterprises on a national scale. We also represent individual employees or groups of employees who have suffered tremendous losses at the hands of their employers, colleagues, or management.

Our aptitude for devising creative and personalized solutions based on the employment-related disputes our clients face has helped us successfully argue numerous cases in front of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, and many more.

If you need a labour lawyer to represent you or your business in Toronto or throughout the GTA, then you can trust the legal team at Sutherland Law to handle your case with great care, compassion, and expertise.

Hiring a Labour and Employment Lawyer in Toronto

As a full-service law firm located in Vaughan, Sutherland Law is well-versed in many niche legal markets including labour and employment law, family law, construction law, business law, civil litigation, and criminal law. Our impeccable attention to detail and thirty years of experience working in these legal fields have contributed tremendously to our success in fighting for the rights of our valued clientele. Contact us today to work with one of our distinguished lawyers.